Q: What is a Commercial Equipment Lease?
A: An agreement between the Lender (or Lessor) and Lessee (Customer) that allows the Lessee to rent equipment for a specific period of time is a Commercial Equipment Lease. There are many types of Commercial Leases including Operating Leases, Capital Leases and True Leases.

Q: What type of equipment can my company Lease?
A: Almost all types of new and used equipment can be leased. The leasing can also include installation costs, proportionate to the equipment cost.

Q: Can I purchase the equipment at the end of the Lease?
A: Yes, we can include a purchase option at lease inception. Various options are available, including a $1.00 buy out, a negotiated value such as a 10% buyout 10% of equipment cost or fair market value (equipment value based on a third parties appraisal).

Q: Do I have to provide a Personal Guaranty?
A: A Personal Guarantee may be required on a Commercial Lease as your business grows and matures.

Q: What are the advantages of Leasing?
A: Leasing makes obtaining equipment possibly while maintaining cash flow as you do not have to pay the full purchase price of the equipment. A lease allows you to make monthly payments with the option to purchase the equipment at the end of a specified term. And, there may be many tax and balance sheet advantages for your business.