Always Quote the Monthly Payment

The largest obstacle to sale is often the price. Anticipating this objection, you can offer an affordable monthly payment as an option. You will find that it is usually easier to sell your customer on an affordable fixed monthly payment rather than a large initial cash outlay.

Calculate an Estimated Monthly Lease Payment to present during your Sales Call

Generally you will have a good idea of the type and size of equipment and in which your customer is interested, before making a formal sales call. Utilize the Leasing Rate Chart to calculate the monthly lease payment on two or three configurations and lease terms before making your sales presentation. You’ll be prepared to offer the monthly lease payment as an option, early in your presentation.

Options Overcome Objections

If your initial payment plan does not meet with a welcome reaction, you can lengthen the lease term to lower the monthly payment or suggest a different lease-end plan. Leasing is extremely flexible, and makes acquisition of equipment more affordable.

Emphasize the Tax Advantages

Point out to your customer that the lease payments are generally considered fully deductible as an operating expense.

Recognize the Improved Cash Flow

Why should your customer pay up-front for equipment when they can pay for it as it gets used? In most cases, the new equipment your customer is acquiring will either generate income or decrease expenses. The increased profits created from the use of the new equipment will generally be greater than the monthly lease payments. This makes the acquisition decision very agreeable.

Increase the Size of your Sales

There is also an option to establish a lease line of credit for an amount higher than the initial purchase price in specific situations. This allows you to build each sale to a higher ticket size. This allows your customer to acquire additional equipment for a small incremental increase in their monthly payment, and no additional application requirement.

Generate Repeat Sales

Leasing allows for your customer to easily add-on additional equipment or add software upgrades. We can also notify you three months prior to the expiration of your customer’s lease. Having become used to making a monthly payment, this is generally a good time for you to go back to your customer and suggest new equipment that will meet their current needs.

Smoke-Out Objections

Understanding your customer’s budget restrictions will help you customize a lease plan that is right for their financial state. Working to understand your customer’s objections, it will time well spent. Objection centering on cost, the flexible nature of leasing can be used to overcome those price considerations.